Sexual Harassment is any unwelcome act or behaviour (whether express or implied), such as:

  • Physical contact or advance
  • A demand or request for sexual favours
  • Making sexually coloured remarks
  • Showing pornography
  • Any other physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature.

What is Considered as Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment at workplace can take various forms. It can involve conduct such as:

  • Unwelcome touching, hugging or kissing
  • Staring or leering
  • Suggestive comments or jokes
  • Unwanted or persistent requests to go out
  • Intrusive questions about another person’s private life or body
  • Deliberately brushing up against someone
  • Insults or taunts of a sexual nature
  • Sexually explicit pictures, posters, screensavers, emails, twitters, SMS or instant messages
  • Accessing sexually explicit internet sites
  • Inappropriate advances on social networking sites
  • Behaviour which would also be an offence under the criminal law, such as physical assault indecent exposure sexual assault, stalking or obscene communications.