Women are important and we cannot imagine our society healthy and nourishing without them. In the Indian context they are worshiped. Irrespective of the fact there exist people with criminal mindset looking for opportunity to harass them. Sexual Harassment at work exists and we must eradicate from the system for a healthy work environment. Making policies to prevent sexual harassment is made mandatory by the government from 2014. The guidelines to implement this in organizations keep on updating time to time to make the law stronger and effective. 

manage complaints for sexual harassment against women

Ministry of Women and Child Development recently introduced a system to manage complaints for sexual harassment against women. Therefore, it is responsibility for all organizations to take care of women employees and their dignity. 

At Niveda foundation we help the organization to implement important practices about sexual harassment. We also help them form committee with the correct structure and members. 

We Help You Form ICC Committee

We also provide professional services to organizations to do the needful which include the following.

Providing guidance to the company

Formation of the Committee to manage Sexual Harassment complaints

Formation the correct structure of Committee

Training to deal with the issues & complaints

Sexual harassment policy creation