Health, wellness and hygiene should be everyone’s right and those who do not have privilege to get access to appropriate health services; we conduct these camps and programs. Some of our top priority activities include the list below.

Health Check-up Camps

Health Awareness Programs

Nutrition Support Programs

Immunization Camps

Counseling Programs

HIV Aids awareness Programs

Medical camps

Medical camps are organized time to time for awareness and to work on general health issues. These camps are organized like

The Medical Camp for General check-up and Dental check-up was organised at Prayas School in JJ Colony

Around 135 students were covered under this program

This was done by the Doctors and team of Satya Hospital, Noida for General checkup and Nayar’s Clinic for Dental checkup.

Immunization Camp

Niveda Foundation with the support of Max India Foundation , organise Immunization camps at various Niveda Mandir schools and also other Rural Area Schools of Noida.

Already immunized more than 2000 + students.

We cover vaccines like MMR, TYPHOID, DPT and Hepatitis .

HIV/ AIDS Awareness Camp

No other word engenders as much fear, revulsion, despair and utter helplessness as AIDS. Despite increased AIDS awareness, the terror persists. AIDS is, in fact, rewriting medical history as humankind’s deadliest scourge.

Red & Pink Ribbon initiative

We at Niveda are also into Red and Pink ribbon initiative.