Skill Development


Under this initiative our focus is towards making people independent when it comes to earning bread and butter for their family. We do many skill development activities and have opened IT centers to ensure people gain knowledge of computers as their next step towards getting benefit from technology. Our courses & training sessions make students skilled enough to use technology to search for a better job and earn for their respective future.

Skill development centers are continuously working to ensure maximum people can be trained to get better placements and make their career. Information Technology is changing the way world reacts towards various aspects in life and our youth should have enough skills to adapt these changes.


Initiatives by Niveda Foundation

IT Learning center for girls & boys

Jewellery Designing for women under women empowerment

Stitching and Design center for women

How it Works

These courses open new horizons and opportunity for a successful future. Along with placement assistance we also guide them to become entrepreneurs.

Computer & Internet gives opportunities to explore

We groom people for good job placements

We motivate them to get a better social status

Start own business to become self employed